Published: March 15, 2024
Beauty Heroes Box March 2024

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In today’s skincare market, the emphasis on clean beauty has become paramount, reflecting a growing demand for non-toxic, organic, and eco-friendly products. 

The Beauty Heroes Box March 2024 stands as a testament to this shift, presenting a curated selection of luxuriously clean beauty products that align with the values of conscious consumers. 

The collaboration with True Botanicals signifies an exclusive opportunity to experience the efficacy and sophistication of sustainable skincare. 

Subscribers can anticipate the unveiling of a collection that embodies the essence of clean beauty, offering a glimpse into the realm of organic beauty that aligns with both personal and environmental wellness.

Beauty Heroes Founder

About Beauty Heroes

Spa director Jeannie Jarnot founded Beauty Heroes in 2014 after concluding that there was a serious health risk associated with the spa industry. Rather than treating healthy beauty as the exception, she set out to normalize it. 

The difficulties she encountered in understanding the components of cosmetics further motivated her to simplify the process of locating safe, high-quality skincare products.

The creator of the business, Jeannie, now provides her customers and clients with a lifetime of ritual, beauty, and well-being, encouraging healthy beauty via the excitement of monthly discovery. 

Beauty Heroes is a subscription service I swear by for its commitment to elevating everyday beauty rituals into transformative experiences. This service is a beacon for those who seek not just beauty products but a thoughtful, sustainably-crafted skincare journey. 

The ethos here is a rigorous devotion to clean beauty, meaning the ingredients of every product chosen champion that are not only safe for the skin but also kind to the planet. Unlike the ocean of beauty boxes out there, Beauty Heroes dares to dive deeper, stringently vetting everything from ethical sourcing to the purity of formulations. 

With its unwavering focus on eco-conscious skincare giants, this monthly beauty box is more than a mere collection of trendy items — it’s a purposeful selection that educates and inspires me to align my skincare routine with my commitment to a healthier, more sustainable world.

Why Subscribe To Beauty Heroes?

A Beauty Heroes Box subscription is reasonably priced. It’s an amazing value when you take into account the cost of the products! A “Hero” and a “Sidekick” are always included when you subscribe. 

You can use them regularly and save money by not purchasing unnecessary items because they are always full-sized. Beauty Heroes offers its products online and in-store, so you can always place new orders for your favorites. You receive a 15% discount on all purchases when you sign up for Beauty Heroes.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a way to find amazing new clean beauty products, Beauty Heroes is without a doubt the best clean beauty subscription box!

Beauty Heroes Subscription Box

Joining Beauty Heroes Subscription Box

Picture this: every month, a selection of high-quality, clean beauty products, tailored for the green beauty aficionado, arrives at your doorstep. This is the experience Beauty Heroes offers through its monthly subscription. 

With a focus on nourishing your skin and soul, the service sends carefully selected skincare and lifestyle products to elevate your beauty routine.

You have options to tailor this experience. Subscribe on a monthly basis or save by committing to a longer term. The prices vary, starting with a reasonable fee for a month-to-month plan, which decreases if you choose a six-month or annual subscription. 

With each package, you’re not just buying products; you gain access to an exclusive community, special discounts on other luxury green beauty items, and early-bird information on upcoming featured brands and products.

Joining Beauty Heroes is a breeze. Head to their website, pick the subscription plan that suits your needs and fill out your profile. They’ll handpick items to match your beauty goals and ship them directly to your address. 

Bonus: as a subscriber, you’ll often find extra treats and samples tucked in your box as a delightful surprise. So if your heart beats for clean, sustainable, and effective beauty solutions, becoming a Beauty Heroes subscriber might be your next step towards an eco-luxe lifestyle.

When you use this special link to subscribe, you will receive 15% off your first subscription with the discount code HQ15.

Beauty Heroes Box March

Beauty Heroes Box March 2024 Reveal ($203 Value)

Hero Product-Ginger Turmeric Cleansing Balm  ($48 Value)

True Botanicals Ginger Turmeric Cleansing Balm

This product is a moisturizing blend that effectively removes makeup, dirt, sunscreen, and impurities, leaving the skin soft and hydrated. 

With gentle exfoliating properties derived from lactic acid and azelaic acid, and aromatic notes of ginger root, mandarin, and neroli oils, this cleansing balm offers a bright, earthy, and rich aromatic experience.

In addition to its cleansing properties, the balm’s aromatherapy and moisturizing benefits make it a standout product in the box, demonstrating the luxurious and nurturing elements of clean beauty skincare.

Sidekicks- Phyto-Retinol Sleep Serum & At-Home Facialist Peel($155 Value)

True Botanicals Phyto Retinol Sleep Serum

The Phyto-Retinol Sleep Serum is designed to provide nighttime nourishment and anti-aging benefits. Packed with potent, plant-derived ingredients, this serum aims to rejuvenate and revitalize the skin while promoting a more youthful appearance. 

Its clean beauty formulation aligns with the brand’s commitment to sustainability and effective skincare.

True Botanicals At Home Facialist Peel

The At-home Facialist Peel offers an indulgent spa experience by delivering gentle exfoliation and revealing refreshed, rejuvenated skin. With its clean, non-toxic ingredients, this peel reflects True Botanicals’ dedication to providing a luxurious yet sustainable skincare solution. 

The spa-like benefits of this product embody the essence of eco-friendly luxury, aligning perfectly with the clean beauty ethos of Beauty Heroes.

True Botanicals Personal Experience and Review

The True Botanicals trio is a game-changer, especially the Cleansing Balm, which left my skin feeling incredibly soft and nourished. 

I have purchased this cleanser before, and it is perfect for both a first and second cleanse. It is one of my favorite products from the brand and it is not surprising that it is one of the most popular products at Beauty Heroes!

The Sleep Serum and At-Home Facialist Peel provided a spa-like experience at home, and I could feel the age-defying benefits with each use. 

The exceptional quality of these clean beauty products truly sets Beauty Heroes apart. Their dedication to curating non-toxic, high-performing skincare is unmatched. 

Every interaction with their customer service team has been delightful, making the overall experience truly exceptional. 

I highly recommend Beauty Heroes to anyone looking for a luxurious, clean beauty subscription that delivers outstanding results.

True Botanicals

About True Botanicals

True Botanicals was founded by Hillary Peterson in 2014, born out of her personal journey and passion for clean, effective skincare. Hillary’s own struggles with thyroid cancer led her to reevaluate the products she was using on her body and inspired her to create a skincare line that was not only safe and non-toxic but also delivered visible results.

As a former fashion industry executive, Hillary brought her keen eye for design and her dedication to quality to True Botanicals, ensuring that every aspect of the brand reflected her commitment to excellence. 

Drawing on her background in environmental studies and her love of nature, Hillary set out to create a line of skincare products that combined the best of science and nature.

Driven by a desire to empower consumers to make healthier choices for themselves and the planet, Hillary made transparency a core value of True Botanicals from the very beginning. 

She believed that consumers had a right to know exactly what was in the products they were using and that honesty and integrity were essential in building trust with customers.

Hillary was frustrated with the conventional beauty industry and the fact that the products are loaded with toxins including carcinogens and endocrine disruptors, and that consumers were not aware of what they were putting on their skin.

She stated the following:

“So many people are still using the equivalent of junk food on their skin, products that could sit on a shelf for years and are full of toxins. 

It’s a disconnect in the same way you wouldn’t want to eat a Twinkie, why would you want to put the equivalent of that on your skin. How do we help more people to understand that truth?”

Under Hillary’s leadership, True Botanicals has grown from a small startup to a beloved brand known for its uncompromising commitment to clean beauty and its dedication to sustainability. 

Hillary’s vision and passion continue to guide the company as it evolves and expands, remaining true to its mission of providing safe, effective skincare products that nourish the skin and enhance natural beauty.

True Botanicals holds the following verified certifications: Leaping Bunny Cruelty-Free, Made Safe, Peta Cruelty-Free & Vegan, and Partly Recyclable Packaging.

With a wealth of accolades and a steadfast reputation in the beauty industry, True Botanicals sets a new standard for organic beauty, making them the ideal feature for the esteemed Beauty Heroes Box.

Beauty Heroes Box March ft. True Botanicals

Integrating True Botanicals into Your Routine

Start your skincare ritual with the Turmeric Cleaning Balm as its moisturizing properties and gentle exfoliation ensure a clean and soft canvas for subsequent skincare products. 

Follow with the At-home Facialist Peel for a spa-like experience that gently exfoliates and renews your skin.

Finalize your skincare routine with the Phyto-Retinol Sleep Serum, incorporating it into your nightly routine to nourish and revitalize your skin while you sleep. 

Consider combining True Botanicals products with your existing skincare favorites to enhance their benefits. The clean, natural ingredients in True Botanicals’ products may synergize well with other organic beauty brands, amplifying the overall impact on your skin. 

By seamlessly integrating these luxurious, clean beauty products into your routine, you can experience a holistic approach to skincare that aligns with the principles of Beauty Heroes.

Clean beauty

Why Clean Beauty Matters

The rigorous standards upheld by Beauty Heroes ensure that each featured product meets the highest criteria for clean beauty, promoting a safer and more responsible approach to skincare.

 By prioritizing clean beauty products, individuals contribute to reducing their exposure to potentially harmful ingredients while supporting ethical and eco-conscious brands. 

This conscious choice not only benefits the skin but also aligns with a commitment to environmental sustainability, reflecting a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness between personal care and planetary well-being. 

Beauty Heroes’ dedication to offering clean beauty products underscores the significance of making informed and mindful choices in the realm of skincare, setting a new standard for excellence in the beauty industry.

Beauty Heroes: A Cut Above the Rest

With a relentless commitment to offering clean beauty products, Beauty Heroes sets the bar high for other subscriptions in the industry. The Beauty Heroes Box March 2024 box featuring True Botanicals exemplifies the exclusivity and luxury that Beauty Heroes consistently delivers. 

What makes Beauty Heroes truly unique is its curation of high-end, clean beauty brands, setting it apart as a platform that exclusively showcases organic, natural, and eco-friendly beauty products.

Unlike many other beauty box subscriptions, Beauty Heroes prioritizes clean beauty, ensuring that every product meets the highest standards of non-toxic, sustainable ingredients. 

Subscribers can expect a meticulously curated selection of luxury clean beauty brands that prioritize organic formulations and eco-conscious practices. The stringent ingredient standard set by Beauty Heroes reflects a dedication to providing subscribers with the very best in organic beauty and skincare.

Frequently Asked Questions Beauty Heroes Box March Discovery

1. Is Beauty Heroes Box worth the investment? 

Beauty Heroes Box March 2024 featuring True Botanicals offers exceptional value by delivering high-quality, full-size clean beauty products worth over $200 at a monthly cost of $58.95 or less, depending upon the length of subscription.

2. Are True Botanicals products suitable for all skin types? 

True Botanicals products are formulated to be naturally biocompatible, suitable for various skin types and effectively targeting diverse skincare needs.

3. Why should I choose clean beauty products? 

Clean beauty products, such as those featured in the Beauty Heroes Box, prioritize non-toxic, sustainable ingredients, promoting healthier skin and contributing to environmental well-being.

4. What sets Beauty Heroes apart from other beauty box subscriptions? 

Beauty Heroes stands out for its exclusive focus on clean beauty, working only with the most rigorous clean beauty brands, and providing a curated selection of premium products.

5. Can I cancel my Beauty Heroes subscription at any time? 

Subscribers have the flexibility to manage their subscription, including the option to cancel at any time with no additional fees.

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Final Thoughts: Beauty Heroes Box March 2024

True Botanicals’ commitment to clean, sustainable, and effective skincare reflects the values of the modern beauty enthusiast, emphasizing the importance of organic, natural, and eco-friendly beauty products. 

The standout qualities of the Beauty Heroes box, including the luxurious True Botanicals products, underscore the exclusivity and allure of clean beauty. As responsible consumers, it’s crucial to reflect on our beauty choices and consider embracing health-conscious practices by opting for clean beauty products. 

True Botanicals’ dedication to sustainable skincare should inspire us to make informed decisions that benefit both personal well-being and the environment. Let’s join the clean beauty revolution and make a positive impact on our beauty routines and the world around us.

Have you picked up the March Beauty Heroes Box? Please let me know in the comments below.


1. Decker, Vivienne. “The Founder of True Botanicals Leads a Clean Beauty Crusade with Olivia Wilde, Laura Dern and Zazie Beetz as Brand Activists.” Forbes, Forbes Magazine, 4 Oct. 2019, 

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