Published: October 13, 2023
Beauty Heroes Box October 2023

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Welcome to the Beauty Heroes Box October 2023! This month’s box showcases Blissoma, a brand that exemplifies the essence of clean, organic beauty. As a trusted and inclusive authority in the industry, Beauty Heroes continues to curate only the most exceptional products, and this month is no exception. 

The Beauty Heroes Box October 2023 edition features Blissoma’s outstanding range of clean beauty skincare essentials. From nourishing facial serums to soothing masks, this collection is designed to give your skin the love and care it deserves. 

Join us as we dive into the world of Blissoma and discover why their products are making waves in the clean beauty community. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to experience Blissoma’s transformative skincare firsthand.

Get ready for a clean beauty journey like no other!

Beauty Heroes Subscription Box

About Beauty Heroes Subscription Box

Spa director Jeannie Jarnot established Beauty Heroes in 2014 after coming to the conclusion that the spa industry posed a significant threat to people’s health. She set out to achieve her goal of normalizing healthy beauty rather than making it the exception. 

Her desire to make it easier to find safe, high-quality skincare was further inspired by the challenges associated with deciphering cosmetic ingredients. The company’s founder, Jeannie, now offers a lifetime of ritual, beauty, and well-being to her clients and consumers, promoting healthy beauty through the joy of monthly discovery. 

The best, most cutting-edge skincare, cosmetics, and beauty products are offered in a monthly subscription package called Beauty Heroes. It’s the ideal method for discovering new favorites and trying out new goods.

This is the best clean beauty subscription box is available at the moment, with amazing products from some of the leading organic beauty brands. 

Because the company is committed to using only ingredients that are sourced responsibly, you might feel good about putting these products on your skin.

Additionally, the business uses packaging that promotes environmental sustainability on a global scale. The company works with organizations like rePurpose Global to reduce plastic waste.

The cost of a Beauty Heroes Box subscription is very reasonable. Considering the price of the goods, it is an incredible value! When you subscribe, a “Hero” and a “Sidekick” are always included. 

Because they are always full-sized, you can use them frequently and save money by not buying things you don’t need. Beauty Heroes sells its goods both in-person and online, so you can always reorder your favorites.

When you join Beauty Heroes, you will receive a 15% discount on all purchases.

So without a doubt, Beauty Heroes is the subscription box for you if you’re seeking a method to discover wonderful new clean beauty products!

When you use this special link to subscribe, you will get 15% off your first subscription with the discount code HQ15.

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Beauty Heroes Box October

Beauty Heroes Box October 2023 (A Value of $177)

Are you prepared to open the Beauty Heroes Box October 2023 to reveal the beauty marvels inside? Stunning items that will elevate your skincare routine are included in this month’s box, so get ready to be astounded. 

You will feel pampered and gorgeous after receiving the Beauty Heroes Box, which is filled with the newest and best clean beauty products.

About Blissoma

Blissoma was founded in 2009 in St. Lous, Missouri by a herbalist and natural skincare expert named Julie Longyear. She is known for her commitment to holistic skincare and her dedication to creating clean, plant-based, and sustainable beauty products.

Julie Longyear is a trained herbalist who has a deep understanding of plant-based ingredients and their therapeutic properties. Her background in herbalism has influenced the formulation of Blissoma products, where she incorporates herbal knowledge into her skincare creations.

Her passion for natural skincare led her to start experimenting with creating her own skincare products. She was motivated by a desire to provide people with effective skincare solutions that were free from harmful chemicals and synthetic ingredients.

According to the founder:

“Blissoma’s mission remains to help as many people as possible with solving their skin problems using natural, sustainable, healthy products.”


Blissoma embodies a truly holistic approach to skincare. Julie believes that healthy, radiant skin is a reflection of overall well-being, and her products often incorporate elements of aromatherapy and herbal wisdom. 

Its philosophy is that the skin is constantly evolving and changing based on internal factors such as the foods we eat as well as external factors such as stress, and the environment. With this profound knowledge, Julie created multidimensional products to support the skin’s ecosystem.

The ecosystem is based on these four dynamic skincare systems:

  • Sustain 

Keeping the skin the way it is by giving it all the basics it needs to glow.

  • Rescue 

  Providing critical support to troubled skin to help regain equilibrium.

  • Soothe

   Offers relief for reactive and sensitive skin to soothe and recover.

  • Renew

 Refreshing the skin to create ageless quality, vitality, and firmness.

  • Defend

Repairing the skin from daily damage of pollution and sun exposure.


Product Formulation

Blissoma, a clean beauty skincare line based on plant science, uses rejuvenating phytobotanicals and whole-plant extracts to improve skin health. Products from this clean beauty brand are created to balance the skin by utilizing the mystical connection between humans and plants. 

You will be covered in bloom, fruit, bark, and root at first touch. The company combines cutting-edge chemistry with traditional herbal expertise for the best of both worlds, using freshly manufactured extracts to deliver a higher, more complete level of phytonutrients.  

The brand focuses on using raw plant ingredients so that each of the products contains 75% or more active ingredients, as opposed to the standard of the cosmetic industry which only uses 5-20% actives.

All of the products are free from hidden ingredients and petrochemicals, made with solar power Certified Cruelty Free, Certified Regenerative & Organic, 100% Vegan.

So, get ready to indulge in the world of clean beauty with Blissoma in the Beauty Heroes Box October 2023. Let their luxurious products transform your skincare routine and make you feel like a true beauty hero.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to discover the power of organic beauty with Blissoma!

Inside The Beauty Heroes Box October 2023 

Let’s talk about the fascinating alliance between Blissoma and Beauty Heroes. The box for this month is yet another illustration of how the Beauty Heroes Box always selects the best products for clean beauty.

Subscribers have access to a hand-picked selection of the most recent and popular products from the top clean beauty skincare brands.

Blissoma Mild Rice Facial Cleanser

The Hero Product (A Value of $58)

Blissoma Fresh Mild Rice Facial Cleanser is a fresh, creamy, non-soap cleanser that restores and conditions the skin while offering a gentle clean. It is produced with organic brown rice and beneficial oils.

While cleansing, brown rice flour, and willowbark extract gently exfoliate the skin, while nourishing oils give the skin just the right amount of calming and nourishment.

Supercharged Ingredients:

  • Apricot
  • Aspen Bark
  • Brown Rice
  • Chickweed
  • Lavender
  • Marshmallow

Brief Review

This month’s Beauty Heroes Box included Blissoma, which I was happy to see because this is such a unique clean beauty brand. I have tried a few of their products that were featured in past Beauty Heroes Boxes such as the Blissoma Photonic Light Shifting Solution SPF25, and Blissoma Refine Clay Renewal Treatment which I have thoroughly enjoyed.

We will talk about the product’s packaging, formula, and experience.

Let’s start by discussing the packaging. All of the items are housed in white, classy bottles that are not only eye-catching but also environmentally friendly, and the boxes are made with FSC Certified Paperboard. Even the designs on the boxes are just so beautiful!

Now let’s discuss the formula of the Blissoma Fresh Mild Rice Facial Cleanser. The formula of this product is very light. It is a very gentle, yet powerful cleanser that washes away impurities.

The fine rice fibers exfoliate the skin while glycerin and plantain soothe and rehydrate the skin. It smells somewhat citrusy and fresh, a sensual pleasure.

Lastly, let’s talk about the experience. Blissoma Fresh Mild Rice Facial Cleanser is a wonderful product. My skin has been experiencing some dryness, redness, and sensitivity due to the weather changes, and this cleanser was exactly what I needed.

I applied about two pumps of the cleanser, and my skin felt clean, fresh, and hydrated. The exfoliating rice fibers are not harsh or overpowering, as they exfoliate ever so slightly and renew the skin. 

It is a great product for this time of year for any skin type, but especially if you have dry, reactive, sensitive skin, or acne-prone skin. So it is quite a universal product!

The Sidekicks (A Value of $119)

Blissoma Lavish Loving Recovery Mask

Blissoma Lavish Loving Recovery Mask is the ultimate product for deeply hydrating the skin. The extraordinarily rich, cushiony cream contains ingredients that soothe the appearance of inflamed skin and aid in boosting all-day resilience.

Even skin types prone to acne benefit from this skillful blend of thickness while maintaining breathability. This is the mask for you if your skin ever needs soothing or care, a rich moisture immersion.

Supercharged Ingredients:

  • Astragalus
  • Apricot
  • Avena Oat
  • Nori Seaweed
  • Passionflower
  • Plantain
  • St. John’s Wort

Brief Review

The formula of the Blissoma Lavish Loving Recovery Mask is very rich, with the consistency of a thick cream that is still breathable. It is like a pillowy cushion hugging the skin with moisture, and hydration. It smells sort of woodsy, eliciting relaxation and calming the skin and the senses.

The experience of the Blissoma Lavish Loving Recovery Mask is very nourishing, and moisturizing. I applied the mask to my face and left it on my skin for about fifteen minutes.

It spreads very easily and doesn’t feel dry on the skin, after application. It is hydrating, calming, and soothing, leaving the skin soft, plump, and smooth. 

The mask can be used daily if you have really dry skin. It is a great addition to any skincare routine. It is a wonderful product!

Blossoms Peace Evening Calming Elixir

Blissoma  Peace Evening Calming Elixir is a relaxing combination to prime the skin for the best renewal. Peace’s honeyed, herbal scent ushers at the end of the day, although your skin is still busy when you’re sleeping.

This harmonious combination of seaweeds, herbs, and shea butter provides vital nutrients to condition and soothe irritations, restoring equilibrium to the skin.

Supercharged Ingredients:

  • Astragalus
  • Apricot
  • Avena Oat
  • Nori Seaweed
  • Passionflower
  • Plantain
  • St. John’s Wort

Brief Review

The formula of the Blissoma  Peace Evening Calming Elixir is somewhat unique. It dispenses as a sea-green, gel-like serum but transforms into a creamy texture. It smells fresh and zesty, with a harmony of botanicals to renew, calm, and restore skin balance. It evokes tranquility in your senses. 

As to the experience, I applied about two pumps of the Blissoma  Peace Evening Calming Elixir, and immediately a sense of relaxation and comfort. It absorbs quickly without leaving any residue. My skin felt hydrated and nurtured while helping alleviate redness and irritation.

 It is a great product to add to your evening skincare routine, but can also be used in the morning as well. It helped me achieve a peaceful and balanced complexion.


This October The Beauty Heroes Box features three wonderful clean beauty skincare products from Blissoma:  

Blissoma Fresh Mild Rice Facial Cleanser,  Blissoma Lavish Loving Recovery Mask, and Blissoma  Peace Evening Calming Elixir.

Anyone who loves clean beauty should absolutely have this. You’ll be able to achieve your greatest skin thanks to its carefully chosen assortment of premium clean beauty skincare products.

These products are a must-have this fall. Don’t pass up this wonderful chance to give yourself a well-earned pampering. 

Be ready to unleash your inner clean beauty hero by ordering your box today before it sells out!

Have you picked up the October Beauty Heroes Box? Please let me know in the comments below.


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