Published: June 28, 2024
Sustainable Innovative Products

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Sustainable innovative products can make it easier to reduce your use of plastic in an environmentally friendly way, which will benefit everyone in the long run. Plastic, including bags, bottles, and straws, take centuries to break down in landfills or even the ocean, where they threaten sea life.

Fortunately, there are plenty of sustainable innovative products on the market that can help you get rid of your plastic habit without compromising your convenience or quality of life.

This list of 10 best innovative green products that reduce plastic use will get you started on your way to becoming more eco-friendly while keeping some cash in your wallet!

Why use less plastic & What is sustainable innovation?

Everything from lotion to bedsheets, ketchup to drinking straws, is wrapped in plastic. Most people consume more than 200 pounds of the stuff each year without even realizing it, so getting away from it can be tricky—especially when it seems like every product comes in packaging designed specifically for single use.

I’ll give you some advice below on the best innovative and sustainable products and how to reduce your consumption (without sacrificing quality), as well as what alternatives exist for those who need or want them.

The world produces more than 200 million tons of plastic every year, and less than 10 percent is recycled. Instead, about 34 billion pounds end up in a landfill or our oceans—that’s the equivalent weight of 25 elephants!

Even worse? Much of this waste takes up to 1000 years to decompose. And most plastics contain chemicals that could cause adverse health effects in humans and animals. 

According to UNEP:

“Today, we produce about 400 million tonnes of plastic waste every year.”

Not to mention, living a plastic-free life can help your bank account too—buying these innovative eco friendly products will save you an average of $30 per month! By making small changes like using reusable containers for snacks or carrying bags instead of purchasing single-use bags, you can make a big difference.

If you’re trying to reduce your use of plastic in your everyday life, there are plenty of innovative green products out there that will help you do it sustainably and conveniently.

From reusable water bottles to kitchen products, and organic personal care products, these 10 best sustainable innovative products are helping people all over the world reduce their plastic footprint while also improving their quality of life in other ways as well. It’s never been easier to live sustainably!

10 Best Sustainable Innovative Products To Reduce Plastic Use

Food Huggers

1. Food Huggers 

If you’re looking for sustainable innovative products to help you use less plastic, look no further than Food Huggers. These silicone discs are designed to fit snugly over the tops of fruits and vegetables, sealing in freshness without the need for wasteful plastic wrap.

They’re perfect for keeping half-used produce from going bad and can even be used as lids for mason jars and bowls. Best of all, they’re reusable and dishwasher-safe, so you can use them again and again. As with any plastic, however, it’s important to not let them sit in water for too long or they will start growing mold (ugh).

To clean your food huggers simply remove any dirt or grime by hand or submerge in a pot of boiling water and then run through the dishwasher. Just make sure not to put them on their side or stack one on top of another because this may cause uneven pressure that could lead to breakage.

All around these are innovative and sustainable products and great options if you want to reduce plastic and better food quality! BUY THEM HERE!

Bee’s Wrap

2. Bee’s Wrap

When it comes to sustainable innovative products that help you use less plastic, Bee’s Wrap is a great option. This product is made of organic cotton that has been coated in beeswax, jojoba oil, and tree resin. Crafted in Vermont, Bee’s Wrap can be used to wrap food, cover a bowl, or even store cheese in the fridge.

Plus, when you’re done using it, you can simply wash it with cold water and reuse it again and again, for over a year. We love this item because not only does it have a variety of adorable prints on it, but also because it makes my kitchen look so much cute. BUY IT HERE!

Zip Top Containers

3. Zip Top Dishes, Bags, and Cups 

Zip Top makes some of the best sustainable innovative products out there to help you use less plastic. Their dish sets, bags, and cups are all made from 100% BPA-free silicone materials and are completely reusable. They replace about 5,000+ plastic bags.

They can stand upright, are easy to fill and seal, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are also microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe. Plus, they’re super affordable and look great too! SHOP HERE!

Ceramic Plates

4. Handmade Ceramic Dinner Plates 

I love finding sustainable innovative products that help reduce our environmental impact. So, when I came across these Ceramic Plates , I knew I had to share them with you! Made from lead-free clays and glazes and fired at low-temperatures to protect the planet and your family, these plates are a great way to reduce your reliance on plastic.

Plus, they come in a variety of colors and styles to suit any event or meal. Whether you’re hosting a party or just having a quiet dinner at home, these sustainable innovative products will help you use less plastic and feel good about it! BUY THEM HERE.

Repurpose sustainable products

5. Repurpose Sustainable Products

There are several sustainable and cost-effective ways to help reduce our plastic footprint. Consider using these products in your household such as compostable plates, cups, utensils, and trash bags.

These are best sustainable innovative products that will help you use less plastic. SHOP HERE!

No-Tox Dish soap

6. No-Tox Dish Soap

No-Tox is a dish soap that is made with less plastic and organic ingredients and it is a block of bar soap. One bar of No-Tox lasts for a long time! With so many products being wrapped in plastic, there has been an increase of the demand for more innovative and sustainable products.

This dish soap provides just that without compromising quality. It is easy use and to help prevent wastage as well. It can also be used on hands. It even leaves your hands feeling moisturized and smelling fresh! BUY IT HERE.

Glass Storage Containers Set

7. Glass Storage Containers  

One way to use less plastic is to change the type of containers you use for food storage. Glass food storage containers are much more sustainable than plastic ones. They can’t easily be recycled, but they are less susceptible to chemical leaching from food that may have contact with plastics in them.

Plus, there’s always a shelf-life on any type of container so glass can provide an extra long lifespan and make your storage needs longer than if you’re using something disposable like plastic.

There are some companies out there making these types of containers now, so it shouldn’t be hard to find an affordable option that meets your needs. SHOP HERE!

Leaf razor

8. Leaf Razor

Even if you don’t like to shave, it’s a necessary part of life. One sustainable product that will help you use less plastic is the Leaf razor. It comes in five beautiful colors, is very sturdy, and has a pivoting head, so you can get every curve. The razor is 100% metal, reusable for life, and simple to clean in between uses. The steel blades can be recycled after being used till they feel worn out.

Typically, people change their razor blades after eight shavings. Blades start at just 19 cents each, and you can use either Leaf Shave blades or any other common safety razor blade. The blades can be recycled by you at a scrap metal facility, or you can send them to the company in the tin, and they will do it for you!

This razor has three blade spots, so you can load one, two, or three blades for your shave to suit your preferences. Also, the packaging is 100% plastic free. SHOP HERE.

Pela case

9. Pela Case 

The Pela Case is a durable and 100% biodegradable phone case that is designed to decompose at the same rate as nature. From birth, we’re inundated with plastic products—items used once and thrown away.

It takes 450 years for some plastics to decompose, so most often these items never break down in the landfill or oceans. When new products enter the market, there’s an opportunity for consumers to use less plastic. BUY IT HERE.

Hydros bottle

10. Hydros Bottle 

Sustainability and environmental responsibility has been on the rise in recent years, as people become more aware of the detrimental effects that pollution is having on our world.

One way to live sustainably is by consuming less plastic; one way to do this is by investing in a Hydros water bottle. With a Hydros water bottle, you can reduce your consumption of single-use plastics by not purchasing bottled water, and filtering your water at the same time.

You will also be using reusable material instead of throwing it away after just one use. Additionally, these durable bottles can be used time and time again without diminishing quality or performance. BUY IT HERE.

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Final Thoughts: 10 Best Sustainable Innovative Products

Eliminating plastic from your life can seem impossible, but it doesn’t have to be! With these ten best sustainable products that will help you use less plastic, you can accomplish this goal without giving up conveniences like eating and drinking out of reusable containers and shopping online. And the best part? You’ll help the environment too!

What are your favorite sustainable innovative products? Please let me know in the comments below.


1. “Visual Feature: Beat Plastic Pollution.” UNEP, https://www.unep.org/interactives/beat-plastic-pollution/. 

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